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Link Analyzer Tool For Comprehensive Links Audit

It does not matter if you are auditing your website links for the penguin update or just doing it as a regular link analysis; you need a reliable audit tool. The link analyzer tool makes your process easier and saves your time. Free SEO Tools provides a link analyzer with an advanced algorithm to deliver comprehensive link audit reports.

This link checker tool can only assess links on a single web page (URL) at a time. You should scrutinize each web page for a comprehensive link audit, not just the main page.

Link Analyzer By Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools developed this free link analyzer tool to support website owners, web managers, and SEO experts in evaluating the links on a website. This tool can detect hyperlinks as crawlers examine a particular page on your website. Just enter your website's URL in the given text field and press the "Analyze Links" button. Our platform will process your inquiry and provide the outcomes in a matter of seconds.

The following results will be shown by this web link checker tool:

  • The overall number of links on your website.
  • The number of internal links on a webpage.
  • Total outbound links on a webpage.
  • The total number of no-follow and follow links.

This link analyzer is a highly beneficial tool enabling you to monitor and follow links on your website or blog. This assists you in analyzing both inbound and outbound links associated with your website.

This website link checker aids in effortlessly detecting and removing broken links, improving the page's quality. Link analyzer can help you in boosting the SEO of your website, which results in a higher ranking. Along with the link analyzer checker, you can also get an idea about your broken links using our free Broken Links Finder.

Advantages of the Link Analyzer Tool

The website link checker from Free SEO Tools Web is a highly effective tool with great value for SEO Greek. It offers information on incoming and outgoing links related to a particular website. You can readily perform the link analysis of your website and compare it with the competitor's outbound and inbound links.

Improved Ranking In Search Engines

The influence of search engine rankings on your website is significant, and it's evaluated using exclusive criteria known only to the search engine, like Google. Therefore, keeping your web pages devoid of broken links and other errors is always advisable, as this can boost your ranking on search engine results pages.

Outrank Competitors

Your website will become more visible if you secure links your competitors lack. Furthermore, it is advisable to refrain from relying only on link-building or SEO tools to achieve link-building results. If your website is up-to-date and authentic, it will boost page rankings. Stay focused and aim to outrank your competitors' websites through quality content and backlinks.

You can check the quality of your website content using our Free Plagiarism Checker.

Scrutinize Inbound and Outbound Links

The link analyzer is capable of scrutinizing both internal and external links on your website, including do-follow and no follow links. You can get an idea if any of the links are missing and how the links are performing to help in ranking the site.

Detect Spammy Links

A chart displaying your website's internal and external links will be presented. The link analyzer tool can help you detect your website's hidden or spam links. It will also indicate which websites are driving traffic to your site and which ones are providing you with backlinks.

Provides Comprehensive And Reliable Website Links Report

This website link checker tool concentrates on your most crucial web pages, then improves the other links to attain a higher page ranking on search engines.

The quality and quantity of inbound links significantly influence a website's search engine placement. It's mandatory to keep an eye on your competitors, enhance your site, and boost traffic by studying their link-building tactics. This hyperlink checker tool will be incredibly beneficial in providing you with a more precise and reliable backlink evaluation report for your website.

What Makes the Link Analyzer Tool Essential?

Link analysis is an essential aspect of search engine optimization. You must have a clear idea about the total number of links. A thorough inspection of inbound and outbound links in SEO can yield significant benefits.

There are numerous comparable SEO tools available online. However, it is free of cost. If you want to examine your website's incoming and outgoing links, this web link analyzer can provide all the essential information. There's no need for registration or download to use this tool. You can instantly use it and get the required results.

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