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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

Use Robot Txt Generator To Make Your Website Index Quickly

When managing your website, one essential aspect is ensuring search engines can crawl and index your pages. Search engines can access most of the pages and files on the internet.

However, certain information should be kept from them. This includes private and confidential data.

The robots.txt file is helpful in this situation. This website tool is used to communicate with web robots, also known as spiders. It instructs which pages to crawl.

The Purpose Of Using A Robots.Txt File

Web administrators can create a text document, robots.txt, which directs search engine crawlers and spiders to the pages they should or should not visit. It is also known as the robot exclusion protocol (REP). In this file, you can easily include or exclude the pages of your website.

If you wish to prevent robots from visiting a particular page, you must type 'disallow' in the robots.txt file. You can write 'allow' to ensure web spiders crawl that page. You can also alter this small file at any time with the help of some instructions.

When spiders enter a webpage to examine its contents, they search for a robots.txt file. If a file is unavailable on that website, the chances increase that robots will not index all your pages. There are some restrictions for Search engine spiders in the limited time they can spend exploring a website. This restricts their ability to examine the content of the site thoroughly. If your website has numerous pages and does not have a robots.txt file, then spiders will crawl that website slowly. There are higher chances that all your pages on the website will not be crawled, and time will be passed. It increases the speed of the crawling process.

This can increase the chances of telling spiders which page needs more attention. This way, the robots.txt file quickly increases the chances of indexing a website.

You can create a robots.txt file manually, but it's tedious and error-prone, especially for large websites with numerous pages. That's where a robots.txt generator tool comes in use.

It is a web-based tool that generates the robots.txt file for the specific rules you specify. Here is a rundown of what a robots.txt generator is and how it can benefit you.

What Is A Robots.Txt Generator Tool?

A robots.txt generator is an online program that produces a robots.txt file for your website with minimal effort. It saves the trouble of manually coding the file, which can be time-consuming and challenging.

The tool lets you specify which pages and files are disallowed or allowed from search engines. Set up the rules first. The generator will create the file for you. Finally, upload the file to the root directory of your website.

How Does Our Robots.txt Generator Work Perfectly?

The Robots.txt generator follows a simple process to make a robots.txt file. You start by entering your website's URL, and the tool will crawl your site to find all the pages and files.

The generator then creates a draft robots.txt file with default rules that allow all pages to be crawled. You can customize the file using your directives to disallow or allow access to specific pages or files.

The generator will then validate the syntax of the robots.txt file to ensure it is error-free. In the end, you will be able to get the file and place it in the main folder of your website. You can also test your file's effectiveness using a website robots testing tool.

Benefits of Using a Robots.txt Generator

Time Saver: Creating a robots.txt file is a lengthy and challenging process, but using automated services can help save both time and energy. A generator tool automates the process, saving you time and effort.

Reduces Errors: A robots.txt file with syntax errors can cause search engines to ignore it, rendering it useless. A generator tool ensures the file's syntax is correct, reducing the likelihood of mistakes.

Personalized Rules: A robots.txt generator allows you to create customized rules for your website. Depending on your needs, you can specify which pages or files to disallow or allow access to. If you do not want spiders to crawl the link, you can disallow it, and spiders will not.

Improves website SEO: This is possible by controlling which pages and files are crawled by web robots. This enhances SEO, making finding your site more accessible for search engines. You can prevent search engines from indexing pages with less or irrelevant content.

Why Do You Need A Robots.Txt File?

As you read above, the benefits of a robots.txt file,there are also several reasons you need a robot txt file.

  • Using this file, you can prevent crawlers from indexing duplicate content on a website.
  • This file will keep your page private.It won show the page to search engines if you dont want it to be crawled by spiders.
  • This file also specifies the location of a sitemap.


Making a robots.txt document is critical to taking care of a website. It allows you to control which pages and files search engines can crawl and index. A robots.txt file generator is a valuable tool that automates file creation. Also, it saves you time and effort, reduces errors, and allows you to create customized rules. Using a generator tool can improve your website's SEO and ensure that your confidential information is not accessible to web robots. So, use this tool now and make your website get indexed quickly.