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About Article Rewriter



Use An Article Rewriter Tool To Generate Unique Content

An article rewriter is a tool that gives you new content of unique words and synonyms of original content words. It generates new words. It makes the new content simpler and easier to read. In short, it is a way of expressing the same information in contemporary terms.  

By using an article rewriter tool, writers can avoid copying other content from other sources. Instead, create unique content that is completely their own. 

It helps to prevent plagiarism. An article rewriter is a tool to help writers ensure that their content is plagiarized-free. After generating their content, writers do not need a plagiarism checker. 

What is Article Rewriting?  

Article Rewriting refers to taking an existing article or piece of content. It rephrases to create original content but presents it in different words of structure. The purpose of article rewriting is to develop new, unique content while still utilizing the ideas and information contained within the original content.  

The article rewriter tool is available on various websites. Most writers, bloggers, copywriters, and content writers use this tool. With this tool, they save time and the effort they have to put in to generate new content.  

Benefits of Article Rewriter:  

Time saver  

As time is precious for all of us, one of the best things about article rewriting is that it is a time saver tool. Whenever you choose a topic to write an article about anything, it probably takes several hours. But if you take help from an article rewriter, it will finish your work in a few minutes instead of consuming several hours.  

Improve grammar   

You can hone your writing skills if your grammar is weak and you have no content writing experience. You can use this 100% free article rewriter tool, which gives you the type of content based on specific words.  

Generates Quality content  

It gives you quality content based on high-quality words in a few minutes. This tool has no time limit; you can get your article anywhere, anytime, whenever you want.  

Raise skills   

It helps you to improve your skills. You can use our article rewriter tool if you need to improve in English. You can generate a large number of articles within a short time. Without effort, you need to copy content from another website and paste it into the writing area.  

Different languages  

It generates rare words whenever you need to write an article on the same topic. It can also develop your reports in different languages. If you want to generate your content in another language like Spanish or Chinese, it will translate it into them.  

Money saver  

You must have hired a content writer when publishing quality content for your products. And, in this way, your money will be consumed. But now, you do not need to employ anyone because we provide a 100% free article rewriter tool. So, you can do it yourself.  

The tool for article rewriting from Free SEO Tool website is 100% free. Yes! You can generate hundreds of contents and reports with no money. If you use our article rewriting tool, it will not require a single penny.  

Avoid plagiarism  

An article rewriter tool helps to avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing the original content. Meanwhile, maintaining meaningful words. This tool uses advanced algorithms to identify specific words, phrases, and sentences with their synonyms.  

Accurate and secure:  

An article rewriter tool always provides you with correct words, which are guaranteed to be completely unique. The results from article rewriting are always authentic, and the content it gives you is free of plagiarized material. It also improves readability.  

How does this work?  

Our article rewriter replaces your terms with unique words. It is also a sentence rewriter or a paraphrasing tool. It suggests words in a highlighted or colorful text; you can also replace the suggested words with your own words. 

You can find many free online and offline article rewriting tools, but the free SEO tool is the best because it will meet your requirements and generate new content for you. Try this article rewriting tool to get excellent results. 

 Plagiarism free:  

This paragraph rewriter gives you quality content compromised of quality words and provides content free of plagiarism. This tool doesn’t copy words from other websites. Instead of this, it replaces words with accurate synonyms.   

Word limit  

Many article rewriter tools contain word limits like 700 or 1000, but our article rewriter tool has no word limit. You can generate thousands of words from this tool within seconds.   

Support Files:  

It not only takes copied contents, but you can also upload files like documents, pdf, and docx.  

Steps to use Article Rewriter  

You can follow these simple steps to use this tool.

  • Go to the Free SEO Tools website.  

  • Click on the article rewriter tool.

  • Copy any article you want to rewrite.  

  • Paste it in the given space.  

  • You can also upload documents.  

  • Click on the (SUBMIT) button. It will take a few seconds.  

  • The results will show to you.  

  • If you are satisfied with the results, go next; otherwise, click on rephrase again. This tool will provide you with new content again based on different phrases.  


Who should use Article Rewriter Tool?  

SEO Users:  

Every web admin tries to get 1st position in search engines, or they wish to rank their page in the top 5 list. Besides everything, uploading quality content is also vital to rank in engines. Web admins who are running websites have to upload articles and daily basis content. 

Writing content daily with the same niche is not easy for writers. So they can use this tool and save time. You have to put a low effort into this. They can improve SEO by creating fresh content for search engines.  


Students have to put much effort into their work. They have to write assignments and notes. They work hard day and night to meet the expectations of their teacher. 

But sometimes, they did not get the expected grades from teachers, this lead to discouraging the students from studying. So, article rewriting tool helps students in these cases. Students can save time by using this tool. 

Sometimes, students use plagiarized content to prevent effort. This tool helps students to avoid plagiarism.  

This tool is easy to use and gives you excellent results to meet your expectations. All students can use this tool. They have to copy content and paste it into the given area, and after a few seconds, the results will be there.  


Sometimes teachers indulge in challenging situations when they have to prepare and provide notes for students. And also need help when they have to give students several presentations on the same topic. Our article rewriter tool provides you with alternate words and offers more simplicity in paraphrases.   

Content writers:  

Content writers have to work hard, and they usually have to complete the tasks of writing articles containing thousands of words. This article rewriter tool is for those who used to write articles daily. They can write articles in seconds. 

Customers have to complete their tasks in a short time. They are always hurrying to finish their work as soon as possible. They can use this tool to complete their job on time.

Bottom Lines

This tool uses an advanced algorithm to find unique words to alternate with the original. It scans the given content and tries to make it better than the first. This tool changes the terms, rephrases the whole paragraph, and enhances readability. It changes the words in a way that sentences remain connected.   

It is important to note that article rewriting should not involve copying or plagiarizing content from the original article. Instead, it should apply the original article as a source of inspiration and guidance to create new and original content. Additionally, when rewriting an article, it is crucial to ensure the latest version is accurate, informative, and well-written.  

Use this free tool to get outstanding results and take numerous benefits.