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About Plagiarism Checker

What is Plagiarism Checker and How Does It Work?

If anyone needs clarification about plagiarism, how can we check whether our content is plagiarized? Here is a complete article to let you know about plagiarism checker tools.


Plagiarism is defined as stealing someone's other words. Like creative ideas, thoughts, or work. Copying the content from another web page without their permission and pasting it on your website as your work.

So, there comes an online tool called plagiarism checker, also called a duplicate checker. It tells us the percentage of plagiarism means its similarity with other content.

Benefits Of Free Plagiarism Checker By Free SEO Tools:

A plagiarism checker tool is primarily beneficial for students to check before submitting their assignments. Not just for students' work but also for teachers, bloggers, and content writers.

Even publishers, researchers, authors, freelancers, and social media managers can benefit. Everyone can also take a lot of benefits from these Free SEO Tools, and some of their advantages are discussed below.

Fast Service

This plagiarism checker tool by Free SEO Tool is super-fast as it generates results within seconds. While using this tool, you will be able to handle it because it is simple and doesn't take several hours. The only thing you must do is paste your article and click search. And after a few minutes, you'll find results showing your article's uniqueness.

In your article, which kinds of words have you used? The best thing you'll know is how much your content relates to the other website's content. You can use it anytime, anywhere when you want the details of your article.

Supports Other Devices

This plagiarism checker tool is web-based and can be accessed through any device. There is no need to install software or any other thing to check for plagiarism. Your devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and many more can access our plagiarism checker tool quickly.

All you need to do is go to the Free SEO Tool website and open the Plagiarism Checker tool. Paste your content there and get results in a few seconds.

Find Sources of Plagiarized Content:

When detecting plagiarized content, we are all eager to know about plagiarized content sources. The best thing about plagiarism checker by Free SEO Tools is that it not only detects plagiarized words but also provides you with source links from where words match.

There are billions of web pages in search engines, but it can detect your content against all these.

Free To Use:

The best thing about the plagiarism detector of Free SEO Tools is that you don't have to pay a single penny in advance or after use. It does not matter how often you use this tool to check for plagiarism; it will not demand money. Check articles, stories, or other content at any time, and it will tell you an accurate plagiarism score without any restriction.

The plagiarism checker is free and available at any time when you feel the need to use this.


Lower Rank in SEO

Suppose you search content for any topic and copy the content from others' websites. When you paste it on your website as your work, search engines will analyze your content and detect it as plagiarized. It will badly affect your rank in SEO.

Decrease In Traffic

Suppose your content needs to be self-written. It will engage less traffic and rank lower in search engines if duplicated or stolen.

Damage Reputation

The disadvantage of stealing someone's other content is losing your identity, customers, viewers, and followers. If you want to get a high rank in search engines, your words should be unique and self-written. Never try to take the risk of publishing copied content, as it may damage your reputation.

If you are a student and plagiarist, it will be harmful to your incoming future, or it can ruin your academic record.

Features Of Plagiarism Checker:

Plagiarism checker features are listed below:

Word Counter

The plagiarism checker detects duplicate content and saves time, and calculates the number of words you have written in your content. It gives you easiness, reliability, and sources; now, you don't need to count the words. When you paste your content, it will automatically calculate the words and numbers shown below.

Besides this, if you want to calculate the number of words, go to Word Counter from Free SEO Tools.

Rewriting Feature

If you find that content is plagiarized, you can also rephrase it. There is an option of rephrasing words from where you can remove plagiarism from your content, making words new and plagiarized-free.

Moreover, this feature is also free. Before paraphrasing your content, no money will be required.

Translate Into Other Languages

While telling you the numerous features of the PLAGIARISM Checker, there comes another benefit: TRANSLATOR. Yes, you can translate English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, Tamil, and many other languages in your native language.

Upload Option

Most people need help checking for plagiarized content because some websites cannot upload documents, but this plagiarism checker tool also contains this feature. If you want to avoid copying and pasting your article, you can use a shortcut. You can upload documents like pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, and many others.

Upload From Local Storage

If your content is in your computer file, then you can upload it with a single click at the upload file.

Download option

After checking plagiarized content, you can download the report. This feature is fantastic as people can have evidence or a record of any matter or share it with others.

Unlike others, this plagiarism checker tool contains several features, like this reporting option feature which is not available on all websites.

Share Report

What do you think if you do not need to download any report and you can share it with others?

Yes! The plagiarism checker also contains this feature. Now save your time and share the report without downloading it.

Highlight Plagiarized Material

If the content is plagiarized, when you paste or upload the content, then the content will be highlighted. The plagiarized words will be highlighted in red color.

Importance of PLAGIARISM Checker:

  • You can regularly check if anybody is copying your content without your permission or giving you credit.
  • Before publishing or submitting your work, you should verify your content on PLAGIARISM Free SEO Tools Web to be sure that your content is not plagiarized.
  • Students can use PLAGIARISM Checker to check their notes, assignments, and other work.
  • Writers, researchers, authors, and all persons use PLAGIARISM Free SEO Tools Web to check the quality.

Accidental Plagiarism:

Accidental plagiarism or unintentional plagiarism often occurs just because of unawareness. Many people are not aware of plagiarism and copying other work without their permission or giving credit. Accidental plagiarism can also affect your profile. So, here are some tips to avoid plagiarism.

How to avoid PLAGIARISM:

  • First, understand what plagiarism is.
  • Communicate with others related to your topic.
  • Try to know others' points of view.
  • Take help from your seniors or those who are experts at this.
  • Take guidance from your professors.
  • Try to know about the rules of writing.
  • Do practice to improve your self-writing.

How to use:

The online plagiarism checker works efficiently and gives you outstanding results. There are no complications to make sure that your content is plagiarized. It doesn't matter if your content is an article, news, letter, story, or page; it will find plagiarized content.

You don't need to sign in; you only need to copy and paste your article into the writing area. Click submit. A few moments later, you will get the results of your content.

Now, this is your turn:

You should use this excellent tool and get a lot of benefits. Long enough, it is still 100% Free.

Are you still there? Grab this best opportunity and take benefits as much as possible.