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Free Backlink Checker Tool For In-depth Backlink Analysis

The primary factors influencing your website's position in search engine results pages (SERPs) are content and backlinks. We can say that backlinks are the backbone of any website.

Knowing the quality of your website's backlinks can tell its ranking potential in search engines. In other words, backlinks analysis shows your website's position and helps you to determine your next strategy.

Our backlinks checking tool can assist you in this task by delivering an accurate report of your website.

Features Of Backlink Checker Tool By Free Seo Tools

Utilize our free backlinks checker tool to scrutinize the backlinks of your website thoroughly. Although it is free of cost and easily accessible to all, it still completely integrates the Ahrefs engine. It retrieves and displays a thorough backlink analysis for any active website or webpage.

You may use this tool to

  • Conduct a backlink study and audit for any website.
  • Investigate your top-performing content to identify which keywords or pages generate the most links for you.
  • Discover the source of your backlinks and monitor them.

Determine the most beneficial backlinks of your competitors web page and examine their backlink profiles to spot trends and potential opportunities for link-building.

Which Specific Metrics Can You Investigate Using This?

This backlink analysis tool is fully incorporated with the Ahrefs search engine. That’s why it performs multiple tasks.

It shows the URL of the exact webpage that includes a backlink to your site.

  • It indicates the exact backlink anchor text utilized.
  • You can check the Domain Rating of the site.
  • It tells the link type (whether it is a follow or nofollow link).
  • You are given the choice to see the Ahrefs URL Rating of the site that is getting a backlink.

But that's not the end of it. Our free backlink checker offers you additional beneficial metrics including:

  • The Ahref rank of your website.
  • The overall number of backlinks pointing to it.
  • Its Ahrefs DR score (Domain Rating).
  • The total number of referring domains.
  • Organic search terms, organic traffic, the number of Dofollow and Nofollow links on your website, and the total number of referring IP addresses.

You receive each of these information without spending a single penny. The initial report from the Backlink Checker tool typically shows one link per domain, often restricted to the top 100 backlinks directed to your domain.

However, our tool provides the option to delve deeper to see the total number of backlinks. As mentioned above, our tool is much more capable of showing a number of backlinks. It also gathers and shows other important metrics for a website's better ranking.

3 Steps To Use Backlink Checker Tool

Our tool is easy to use. You don't have to be an expert or technically inclined individual to make use of it. Indeed, it only takes three simple steps:

1. Initially, go to the page where you are presently located.

2. Input your URL into the provided field. You can include the main website address or a specific page address, such as a product page or a blog article. You have the option to include either the main website URL or a specific page URL. This could be a product page or a blog article. You have the option to choose if the tool should display external links targeting all pages on the domain or solely the specific page whose URL you have entered.

3. Choose "Check Backlink" from the options. You may need to complete a CAPTCHA to proceed with your request. If required, continue.

The tool will instantly present the results once you've completed the three steps above and all the metrics discussed in the previous section. After that, you can download the report.

How Does Our Backlinks Report Benefit You?

These are the top five things you can do to get maximum advantage of our report:

Optimization For Search Engines

The most beneficial thing you can do with backlinks is improve your SEO. You can use this authentic information to increase your backlink profile quality, leading to better search rankings and a boost in search traffic.

Restoration of Lost Links

Our free backlinks checker tool provides data that enables you to detect and rectify broken links. Examine the 404 pages that possess inbound links. By employing a 301 redirect, you can guide your site's visitors and search engine crawlers to the appropriate page.

Create Connections

Engage with individuals who connect to your websites to foster additional beneficial relationships. This tool can also identify connections with significant page authority related to your field. They can aid you in reaching your target audience and assist you in securing valuable links.

Utilize this backlink checker to discover who they are linking to or who is linking back to them. With the help of our data, initiate contact and evaluate the potential of securing one or more backlinks from them.

Improve Your Backlink Profile

You may see the potential of websites referring back to your sites using our website link checker. You can choose the high authority websites and ignore others.

Furthermore, you can identify your website's most effective link-building tactics (such as blog comments, social bookmarking, guest blogging, etc.). You can develop a link profile of high quality using all these strategies.

Audit Of Competitor Backlinks

Examine the backlink profiles of your competitors to identify opportunities to strengthen your link profile and search ranking. Always check the inbound links directed towards high-ranking pages to ensure you get all good link opportunities.

How Website Backlinks Work?

Search engines view each backlink as a recommendation. Therefore, search engines will view your website as having more reliability the more high-quality backlinks it has. Finally, you get a better ranking in search engines.

Hence, focus on more than just the number of links while generating backlinks. Prioritize quality and relevance instead. Target websites with a domain authority comparable to or higher than yours. (You can utilize our domain authority checker to verify its credibility.)

If your website contains numerous spammy links or inferior backlinks, it will negatively impact your SERP position. Simply put, it's better to have ten organic backlinks than 100 of poor quality.

Therefore, it's essential to use a backlink checker tool to monitor and assess the worth of the backlinks directed towards your website.

If you are struggling with your website SEO, you can utilize our other free backlink maker, Keyword position checker, Keyword density checker and many more. Start using them right now and feel the difference in your website optimization.