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About URL Rewriting Tool

Use URL Rewriting Tool To Convert Dynamic URL Into Static One

Dynamic URLs are never preferred as they are not easier to bookmark and index swiftly, just like the shorter URLs. Rewriting the website links manually takes a lot of effort and is time-consuming. That's why most website owners and SEO Greek utilize different rewriting tools to get shorter and static URLs.

Considering the efforts of startups and small businesses, Free SEO Tools Web have recently launched the Free URL Rewriting Tool with an advanced algorithm. It is one of the best rewriting tools for any link. Now let's dive into the in-depth details of our tool to let you know how it works.

URL Rewriting Tool By Free SEO Tools

This tool works perfectly to convert long and dynamic website URLs. Most website owners use such tools to make their website and page links more user-friendly, as the shorter permalinks are convenient to save for later use. Moreover, the static URLs help in website SEO and ranking higher in SERPs pages.

If your website has yet to gain the ranking that you were expecting, you need to analyze its URLs now. It may be one factor that keeps your site lagging behind the other competitors.

Significant Reasons For Rewriting URLs

There are various reasons for rewriting the permalinks. Here we are going to discuss the three significant needs:

  • Dynamic or longer URLs are not easy to remember.
  • Converting the dynamic URLs into Static ones makes it more user-friendly.
  • Static links help in ranking the pages quickly.

To rewrite links, you must have a file called ".htaccess". Enter the generated code. After getting this complete file, you can copy it into the website directory. Remember that this will only function if your hosting is on an Apache Server.

If you utilize clean and proper URLs (static URLs), major search engines can identify folder names and create actual links to keywords. This is because using query string restrictions might obstruct a search engine's ability to index your web pages. Many SEO professionals argue that dynamic URLs are not attractive to search engine crawlers, while static URLs are more appealing. Static permalinks aid in achieving a high page rank score.

How to Utilize Our URL Rewriting Tool?

Using our URL Rewriting tool to convert your lengthy dynamic URL into a more concise one is simple. Input the URL into the designated space. Hit the "Check" button. Our system will subsequently handle your request and generate the fixed URL.

Employing SEO tools like URL Rewriting is crucial for numerous website managers and web admins. As it can significantly aid in marketing and connecting with a broader global audience. This URL rewriting tool can prepare your website for enhanced online visibility, enabling your target audience worldwide to discover and access your site.

If you run an e-commerce website, there's a high probability that more individuals will search your web pages on search engines. It potentially leads to increased traffic and possible maximum conversions.

Our link rewriting tool is built using Apache's mod_rewrite module. This mod_rewrite module transforms a dynamic URL into a static URL that is both user-friendly and search engine optimized. Input your dynamic URL into the provided field, and our tool will swiftly convert it into a static one without consuming much time.

Understanding Static and Dynamic Websites

You may come across several static websites while browsing the internet. If a website delivers information without any interactive elements, it's likely a static website. These are prevalent among small businesses and corporations wanting to establish an online presence. They aim to protect their business name from being taken and do not conduct online transactions.

Hosting static websites is typically easier and less costly to develop. However, it requires someone with HTML expertise for updates. To keep your ranking higher in Google, you must analyze your URLs. In case you need to write them, use any of the free URL rewriting tools.

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