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Use Domain Age Checker To Know How Old Is Any Domain!

Age domain checker is the most reliable and authentic tool to check your website's age or the competitors' websites. Free domain age checker tools become indispensable when someone wants to buy an old domain. This tool provides the relevant information, including the domain purchase date, update date, and its expiry.

It could be no lie if we say domain age can give the idea about the website authority. Before buying the old website domain, the age determination can help in getting the website that is beneficial to purchase and continue working on it. This is why Free SEO Tools Web have created this high-quality, free Domain Age Checker tool. Now let's dive into the details of this helpful tool.

What Does Domain Age Mean? "Domain Age" is the duration a domain name has existed on the Internet. It's essentially the age of the domain name. For instance, for a domain name registered as early as 2010 then, the age of the domain would be ten years in 2020. Moreover, another term we often use is a domain name. What is it? This is the website's URL or the address Internet users use to access your site.

Domain Age Checker By Free Seo Tools

Domain Age Checker is a tool we primarily developed to determine the age of a domain name present on the Internet. Our tool also has advanced features to show the website updated dates. Generally, other domain age checkers provide the domain's age, typically in years. However, this tool shows you the date of your domain's name and the precise date of day, month, and year when the domain name was registered. With all the features, you will be sure that this isn't the typical domain age checker but an advanced domain name analyzer.p

This tool is entirely free of cost and is easily accessible to all browsers. You can check the domain age whenever you want without paying any price. You don't even need to sign up or register to use this website's age checker.

How To Use This Domain Checker?

The Domain Age Analyzer is incredibly user-friendly; it feels like you're having fun! You have the option to analyze a single domain name or enter up to 10 URLs at a time.

Here are the easy three steps to perform the analysis: Step #1: Use your browser to open Free Domain Age Checker.

Step #2: In the text box, enter the domain name(s) beginning with http://. Step 3: After you've entered your domain name(s), click "Check the Domain's Age" to execute the request.

Our highly-engineered algorithm will take around one second to produce the results. This will provide you with information on the domain's duration of existence. You'll also be aware of when at least one previous owner first owned it.

Why Should You Check The Age Of A Domain Name?

There are many reasons you might want to look into the history of a domain's name, as given below.


  • A mature domain name you're interested in buying

  • The age of competitor's domain names

  • The age of your domain name.

Of course, the primary reason to verify a domain's age is to find out when it was initially registered and its current age.

Chances are that you may already know when you registered your domain name for use. If you're considering researching this, there are more effective methods for you, and they won't be beneficial (unless you've forgotten when the domain was registered).

This leaves us with two other options:

  • Investigating the age of the domain name you intend to buy

  • Examining the age of competitor domains

The process of determining the age of your competitor's domain names gives you an edge. You now have knowledge of the duration your competitors' domain names have been in existence. It provides you with a concept of the domain names you'll be competing against.

The domain information that our tool gives you can aid you in making the best choice when purchasing a used domain name. But, don't only rely on one tool to decide. It is essential to research the domain name thoroughly, and we have a variety of tools for this.

You can also check the site's authority using the Domain Authority Checker to make a strong backlink profile for your website.

 Start doing your research now to excel in the niche of your choice!